KTM is teasing its Super Duke R again.  Its first teaser video showed parts of the bike during manufacturing; not so exciting.  But in KTM’s second teaser video, KTM’s “Ready To Race” tagline comes through.  And, it comes through loud and clear… and audible.

The video is full of scenes from the racetrack and very brief glimpses of the revised machine.  It doesn’t give much away.

But what it does give away is the roaring snarl of its engine.  If the engine note in this video doesn’t get you excited, you are deaf or dead.

That is if the engine song provided in the video is the engine from the Super Duke R.  The note is so MotoGPish that you may wonder if the sound is that of the new Duke or just a takeoff from somewhere in KTM’s MotoGP garage.

KTM Super Duke R

The 2019 KTM Super Duke R. Photo credit: KTM

In any event, the sound is amazing.  The video’s engine note does not likely come from a street exhaust.  But it is deep and it is racy.  If the actual street note is close to this video, well let’s just say that KTM will have certainly reinforced it’s Ready To Race tagline.

We’ll have to wait until EICMA to find out what’s real.

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