KTM is teasing the release of a new model.  Rumors abound about what the new bike will be.  They range from a new 2021 Super Adventure 1290 R and S with adaptive cruise control to the Duke 1290 RR or even the Duke 490 twin.  And, if you’re hoping that the teaser videos will tip KTM’s hand, you’ll likely be disappointed.  The Austrian company’s teaser videos make it quite difficult to tell what they may have up their sleeves.

KTM’s mantra is “Ready To Race,” and both videos put a spin on high speed.  The glimpses of what the machine or machines may be are very, very short.  Even slowing down the video and looking at it frame by frame reveals little.

KTM teaser

The first video provides the best overall view of the bike, albeit only the machine’s bottom half. We can see that it is a large bike, so a 1290 Super Duke RR or 1290 Super Adventure are not out of the question. Also, the front fender looks like those found on both 1290 KTMs. So it’s likely not the Duke 490.

The second video provides the same blurry images, but in this one, you can see the rider tucked in behind what looks to be a good-sized windshield—score one for the Super Adventure.

KTM teaser

But if the new machine is really a Super Adventure, why so much emphasis on speed?  In the second video, we also catch a glimpse of a race track and what looks to be a small paddock.  So what the heck is KTM pitching?

My money is on the 2021 KTM 1290 Super Duke RR.  But like everyone else, we’ll just have to wait and see.  At least we only have to wait until January 26th.




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