Want to buy the just-announced 2021 version of the KTM 1290 Super Adventure S? You’ll have to wait, as the machine won’t come into North America for the start of this riding season. KTM says most of its 1290-series machines are instead going to be imported as 2022 models.

At first, this story appeared on Asphalt & Rubber, saying KTM planned to not bring any 2021 versions of its 1290s into the US, across it lineup. Digging a bit further, it seems Canada is getting the 2021 version of the just-updated Super Duke R, which means the US should also get that machine, as KTM North America is ultimately responsible for both countries. However, KTM fans will have to wait for the 2022 model of the 1290 Super Adventure S.

You might remember KTM announced updates to the street-oriented Super Adventure back in late January, including changes to the chassis, the electronic stability system, a new display and some engine updates. So why wouldn’t KTM be keen to bring this machine to the lucrative US market as soon as possible?

There are multiple reasons, with the simplest being: KTM probably wants to clear out last year’s unsold stock. Big, expensive motorcycles didn’t see the same sales explosion that dirt bikes did. Dealers with unsold stock languishing on their showroom floors would no doubt like to clear those machines out, before bringing in new ones.

But, KTM’s North American model distribution for its flagship machines also tends to lag behind its European availability. Usually, the big-bore KTMs are available in Europe months ahead of their North American release.

Finally, it’s also possible KTM wants to coordinate a wider model release. There’s probably a 1290 Super Duke R and 1290 Super Duke GT coming; we’ve already seen the GT teased, and KTM always releases an offroad-ready R model to compliment the street-friendly S model. Expect to see all these bikes announced by fall, with North American availability following.

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