Apparently, many people really like KTM’s new 1290 Super Duke RR.  The newest KTM is a powerful track-focused machine boasting approximately 180 hp and a claimed weight of 180 kg.  If true, the new 1290 Super Duke RR arrives with a claimed 1:1 power to weight ratio.

KTM is limiting the bike to 500 units.  And if you want one, you’re probably too late.  The new machine is only available for sale online.  According to KTM, its “…digital sales platform has become a game-changer in fair, first-come-first-served marketing.”

1290 Super Duke RR

Photo credit: KTM

Within 48 minutes of going live online, the RR sold out.   500 people signed up to purchase the bike for €24,899 (about $29,640).

According to KTM, many of those people also ordered the track only Akrapovic titanium exhaust for an additional €2,458.08 (about $2,926.15 – surprisingly, KTM kept the cents in the price).  Those who ordered the new track-biased weapon with the Akrapovic exhaust are parting with about €27,357 (about $32,566).

KTM also says that there are a number of KTM fans who did not have the opportunity to purchase a 1290 Super Duke RR.  As such, they have created an online waiting list that will allow potential buyers the chance to purchase one should anyone who already signed up cancel their order.

What do you think of KTM’s new track-focused machine?  If you like the machine, what do you like about it the most?  Is it its exclusivity, its performance, or both?  Also, do you think that the pricing is in line with the bike’s capabilities and exclusivity?  Let us know in the comments below.


All photo credit: KTM

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