The rumoured Kymco adventure scooter project has finally been revealed, and it seems the hype mill got some things right, and some things wrong.

First off, the scooter actually does exist, and it will be for sale in some markets (no confirmation for North America or UK at this point). The Kymco DT X360 actually is entering production, though—it’s not just vapourware, which is an accusation thrown at Kymco sometimes.

However, the rumours of a simple overhaul of the AK550 scooter? Wrong. That was the original rumour, of a slightly modified 550, with liquid-cooled parallel twin, but instead we have a liquid-cooled single-cylinder 321cc engine, with four-valve head. It’s supposed to make just over 28 horsepower, and 22 pound-feet of torque. That’s not super-powerful, but it’s probably more than enough for the buying segment this scooter is aimed at. Although that’s pretty modest output, Kymco included traction control on this model.

Then you get a list of typical scooter features: A large storage compartment under the seat. A step-through chassis. A lowish 31.5-inch seat height. The scoot has LED lighting, full-colour gauges, keyless ignition, and a 3.3-gallon fuel tank (which should provide plenty of range). Curb weight is 428 pounds. So, what’s “adventure” about this scoot?

Mostly, it seems it’s the knobby tires and wide handlebar. There’s a 14-inch front rim and a 13-inch rear, with cast wheels, not spoked. Frankly, this scoot is not made for severe offroad thrashing.

That doesn’t mean it won’t offer similar performance to Honda’s ADV150 scooter, but it’s probably not as rugged as the CT125. In any case, it doesn’t matter at this point, as there’s no indication it’s coming to Canada or the US. If Honda’s adventure scoots do well here in the next couple of years, that might change, though.


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