Taiwan based scooter manufacturer KYMCO made an impressive entrance into the electric motorcycle market with the unveiling of its electric SuperNEX motorcycle at EICMA. Looking like a superbike ready to race, the SuperNEX has claimed some impressive performance figures.

Electric Bike Performance

The SuperNEX has a 0 – 62  MPH (100 KPH) time of 2.9 seconds. 124 MPH (200 KPH) arrives just 4.6 seconds later at 7.5 seconds. The SuperNEX arrives at its reported terminal speed of 155 MPH (250 KPH) in just 10.9 seconds.

FEP – Full Engagement Performance

While these times are achievable on internal combustion machines, it takes a skilled rider to achieve them. KYMCO took this into consideration and developed a system called FEP (Full Engagement Performance) to help less experienced riders get the most out of the superbike.

KYMCO claims that the FEP system helps riders make a perfect launch, control wheelies, and avoid tire spin. FEP also reportedly prevents the rear wheel from lifting under hard braking. Assistance is also provided when riding through uneven or wet surfaces. The level of FEP interaction is user adjustable, allowing riders to select the right amount of assistance for their skill level.

Electric Riding Experience

KYMCO says they wanted to enhance the SuperNEX’s riding experience. They have tried to do this in two ways. First, they added a 6 speed transmission to retain some of the feel from traditional bikes. In addition to a claimed performance boost, KYMCO claims that their e-bike provides a realistic shifting feeling. There is no clutch lever; the SuperNEX will have clutchless shifting. A slipper clutch reportedly smooths out downshifts.

Next, KYMCO addressed sound. They noted that it plays a major part in the riding experience. To retain that experience, KYMCO has included an Active Acoustic Motor. The motor amplifies the existing electric motor sound, but offers riders the ability to adjust the pitch and intensity of the sound.

The bike is beautiful to look at, but KYMCO did not provide any technical specs on the motor and battery. Clearly, in the world of e-bikes, key parameters like range and charge times are significant details.

No production date or availability was provided.

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