Kymco, best known for its line of scooters, is branching out into motorcycles. Back in 2019, the Taiwanese manufacturer showed off its concept RevoNEX electric motorcycle.

And now, the company says it is ready to start manufacturing the RevoNEX, its first production electric motorcycle. This bike likely won’t be a competitor to electric sports bikes like the machines produced by Energica or Lightning. It’s likely to match up against bikes similar to Zero’s line of machines.

Kymco RevoNEX

The Kymco RevoNEX will have a six-speed gearbox.

Interestingly, it seems that the RevoNEX will not be manufactured in Asia. Kymco’s Chairman, Ke Shenfeng of the Gwangyang Group that includes Kymco, confirms that the RevoNEX will be produced in Italy.

Digital Press Conference

According to electrek, Kymco’s chairman said during a digital press conference:

RevoNEX has garnered worldwide attention since its launch. We continue to use the latest technology and innovation in the creation of RevoNEX as a new generation of electric motorcycle that consumers will want to acquire. So I’m very pleased to announce that mass production of RevoNEX will be made for the first time in a planned unit in Europe, making it the first electric product to be manufactured for global circulation under the Taiwanese brand ‘Made in Italy’ by KYMCO. – Ke Shenfeng according to electrek

In addition, it seems that Kymco plans to make its first electric motorcycle similar to current ICE powered motorcycles. While most electric motorcycle manufacturers use a direct drive single speed transmissions, Kymco’s machine uses a six-speed gearbox.


Kymco’s RevoNEX will be produced in Italy.

Kymco claims that the RevoNEX will accelerate from 0 – 100 kph (62 mph) in 3.9 seconds. It’s 100 to 200 kph (62 – 124 mph) time is a claimed 8.7 seconds. That’s quite respectable performance for a first entry into the electric motorcycle realm.

Currently, there’s no info on the RevoNEX’s production specifics like dates, pricing, availability, or range. But it’s clear that Kymco is extending its two-wheeled lineup from scooters to the electric motorcycle market.



All photo credit: Kymco

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