You may have already heard about the Lazareth S3 flying motorcycle.  That machine made its first appearance in 2019 making a brief verticle flight with Lazareth CEO Ludovic’s girlfriend aboard.

Other machines

In 2016, prior to the S3, Lazareth also rolled out the LM 847 a 4 wheeled tilting motorcycle.  The LM 847 housed a 470 HP Maserati V-8.  So it’s no surprise that Lazareth is now offering another more practical version of the LM847.

Lazareth LM 410

The LM 410 is another 4 wheeled motorcycle from the French firm.

LM 410 makeup

The new machine is called the LM 410 and is equipped with a less exotic but more manageable 998cc four-cylinder engine from the Yamaha R1.  While Lazareth hasn’t released any horsepower or torque outputs, the engine will not be short on power.  Yamaha claims around 200 horsepower and 83 pound-feet of torque.  That’s more than enough to make things interesting, but is that a supercharger on the top of the right side of the engine?

Lazareth LM 410

The low slung, 4 wheeled, tilting LM 410.

The machine’s weight has not been published.  One can easily imagine that it will be much lighter than the Maserati V-8 powered LM 847.  That beast came in at nearly 900 pounds.  Still, the LM 410 is likely no lightweight.

Lazareth LM 410

Is that a supercharger at the top right of LM 410’s engine?

According to the Lazareth website:

The  LM 410  is a 4-wheel pendulum motorcycle. It uses the visual signature of the LM 847.

Much more conventional, it was designed to be lighter, more manageable and accessible to as many people as possible.

This civilized version still retains the hyper sport style and the genes of the Lazareth brand.

If you think that the LM 410 is a non-running example, you’d be wrong.  The LM 410 is fully street legal.  Lazareth intends to build 10 LM 410s priced at €100,000 ($109,000/£84,000).


All photo credit: Lazareth

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