Polaris recently made several significant changes to its senior leadership team.  The changes were made on December 6, and include senior-level executives.

Of most interest to the motorcycling community is the moving of Steven Menneto from the motorcycle to the off-road division.  Assuming the duties of President of Motorcycles is Michael Dougherty.  Dougherty will also continue in his role as President of International.   Chris Musso has been appointed Senior Vice President of Electrification Strategy and will step down as President of Off-road.

Michael Dougherty Polaris Indian Motorcycle

Michael Dougherty will now lead the Polaris’ motorcycle division. Photo credit: LinkedIn

Polaris CEO comments

All three executives will continue to report to Polaris Chairman and CEO Scott Wine.  Wine reflected on the moves and had this to say:

Sometimes to Think Outside you must look inwards. Winning the competitive battle requires us to allocate and utilize our resources optimally, and that begins with placing our most seasoned and proven executives in roles where they can assume broader responsibilities and deliver greater impact.  These leadership changes leverage existing talent, and add vital capability, as we further our efforts to be a customer-centric, highly efficient growth company.”

Motorcycle division change

As to the new leadership at the motorcycle division Wine said:

“Throughout his two decades with the company, Mike [Dougherty] has played a significant role in fostering our powersports leadership on the global stage. He is a talented leader who has demonstrated an ability to conquer the multifaceted challenges commensurate with developing new markets and driving profitable growth over the long-term.  “With Indian Motorcycle, our largest brand outside of North America, Mike’s rich international experience will prove invaluable to a business that is expecting continued growth from international consumers.”

Michael Dougherty Polaris Indian Motorcycle

The international market may play a larger role in Indian’s sales. Image credit: Indian

There are a couple of tidbits that we can glean from the executive mixup and Wine’s remarks.  First is that Polaris is looking to a broader international market to sell its Indian Motorcycle brand.  Second, the appointment of a division President to a role leading “electrification” says a lot.  It says that Indian is looking hard at the electrification of its product lines for the future.

We’ll see how the new strategy works in the future.

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