Remember the Leatherman PST, the OG of the multitool world? Well, it’s back. Sort of.

The new Leatherman Bond is built along very similar lines to the PST, the first multitool that Tim Leatherman built back in 1983. While backpacking around Europe, Leatherman realized the advantages of a small, multi-purpose utlity tool combining pliers, screwdriver heads, can opener, wire stripper, and other functions. Since then, the company has gone on to many newer designs with functions far beyond the original, but collectors still like the original—so much so that Leatherman has made limited-edition runs of the PST.

The Bond is made to fill much of the same role as the PST, but at a much lower price than the collector-grade re-issue models. It has a non-locking knife blade (420HC steel), 2.9 inches long. This allows users to carry it in jurisdictions that have laws against such terrifying objects as locking knife blades.

There’s a set of pliers, as you’d expect, with built-in wirecutters and wire stripper. There’s a file, package/bottle/can openers, an awl, screwdriver heads—14 functions in total, says Leatherman. It weighs 6.21 ounces, and is four inches long when closed, 6.5 inches long when opened. It comes in stainless steel, with black nylon sheath (a P-series pocket clip is optional).

Obviously, this will not replace a proper tool kit, but many motorcyclists have found Leatherman’s tools a useful way to augment an on-bike factory kit.

Leatherman prices the Bond at $44.95, and no doubt keen eBayers will be able to find it cheaper.

While this tool will have less capability than other, swankier Leathermans, it’s affordable and the non-locking blade will make it legal where otherwise, users could not carry a multitool. For more deets, visit Leatherman’s site,, or head over to YouTube, where keeners already have their hands on the Bond and are reviewing it.


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