Grabbing some yummy dips, veggies and ready-made falafel makes for a fast and fresh dinner for a group of hungry riders. The great thing about this kind of meal is that you can use anything that is available at the market. I have made this specifically vegetarian as the ingredients can travel for a good few hours without needing refrigeration, however if you have chicken or meat kebabs they work really well too.


16 pre-made chilled falafel
Large tabouleh salad
Large hummus dip
200g Danish feta
2 Lebanese cucumbers, cut into matchsticks
8 flat breads
2 lemons, cut into wedges


  1. Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a pan, cook falafel for 2-3 minutes each side or until they are browned and heated through.
  2. Divide dips, salad and feta between plates with falafel.
  3. Heat flat breads in a dry pan for 20 seconds each to warm through. Serve with mez plates along with wedges of lemon.

Serves 4


  • This is a really easy meal to feed a larger group, double the ingredients and vary the dip flavours
  • Pre-made falafel can be found in the chilled meals section of the supermarket or in the deli, they are already cooked and only require heating through.


  • Chicken, lamb or beef kebabs can be used in place of falafel or in conjunction with
  • Any crunchy veggies can be used to dipping such as carrots, radish, peppers
  • Beetroot, eggplant, yoghurt dips are all great additions or substitutions to hummus

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