Swedish manufacturer Cake continues to crank out quirky electric bikes aimed at offroad use and weird names. The latest, the Kalk Ink, is based on the previous Kalk Or design, with a few design tweaks that keep the price down (relatively speaking).

The Kalk Ink uses the same 6061 aluminum frame as the Or, as well as an aluminum swingarm, but unlike the Or model, there’s no adjustability in the front forks. The rear shock is directly mounted to the swingarm, instead of using a linkage. It has a set of 19-inch wheels that are heavier than the Or’s wheels, which also helps reduce the price tag.

The 11 kWh (approximately 15 hp) electric motor is same as found on the Or, mated to the same 51.8 volt/50 Ah battery. A full battery charge takes 2.5 hours from a 110-volt wall outlet; an 80 per cent charge is 1.5 hours. A 220-volt outlet reduces those charge times by almost half. The battery lasts for about three hours before needing recharging (less, if you’re hard on the throttle). Supposedly, top speed is 50 mph, although this is generally designed to be a trail bike and likely won’t be run at that speed for very long in the woods.

The Kalk Ink only weighs about 158 lb with battery installed. It has 220 mm disc brakes front and rear, with four-piston calipers. The front forks have 7.8 inches of travel, and the rear shock has 8 inches of travel.

And now for the price. Alas, although this is cheaper than the Or model, it’s still not cheap. MSRP starts at $9,500 US for the Kalk Ink, and it’s $12,500 US if you want to include a second battery. That’s a lot of dough for a toy, even if it’s environmentally friendly and a lot of fun. Find more details at RideCake.com.

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