Life on the road is exhilarating at first: everything is new, and you’re loving the fact that you’re riding someplace cool. But after a while, even riding around the world can become… a little routine. You get up, pack up the camp and the bike, get into the saddle, and ride, then rinse and repeat the next day. Obviously, things rarely go as planned, and all sorts of unexpected, funny, awesome, weird, and beautiful things can – and do – happen on the road. Still, if you feel like you’re getting into a bit of a rut, here’s how to break the routine and spice things up.

The 48 Hour Rule

I’m a huge fan of Tim Ferris’ books, and after watching an interview with Ferris recently, something stuck in my head. He said that whenever he feels he’s not getting anywhere, he does something radically different for the next 48 hours, which usually results in a breakthrough.

If you normally avoid dirt roads and always book hotels in advance, for the next 48 hours, take the wrong turn and improvise. If you never camp, get a cheapo tent from a supermarket and give it a go. And if you always sleep under a tarp, get a hotel just this once… and see what happens. The only rule is that it has to be at least 48 hours, and the change has to be drastic.

The People Rule

If life on the road is getting monotonous, go find people and ride with them, even if it’s just for a day or two. Can’t find riders? Go on a pub crawl with a horde of backpackers: it may not be your thing, but it will be a fun change to your habits. Don’t drink? Volunteer at a local refugee shelter, animal sanctuary, school… Helping others is a great way to get out of your own head!

Image: Pixabay

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