Want safety visibility lighting on your helmet? Instead of waiting around for vapourware smart helmet startups that never actually make a real product, you can now buy a DIY upgrade kit from LightMode.

But first, who’s LightMode? Based on the company’s website, LightMode appears to be a small start-up based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, specializing in add-on helmet safety features. According to the site,

LightMode Kits optimize motorcycle helmet visibility by fixing them with electroluminescent materials without compromising the structural integrity of the helmet. There’s hardly any additional weight to your helmet, they’re super easy to install, the lights turn on with the push of a button, and it improves rider safety. LightMode helmets are also unique and downright badass – the internet agrees.

The idea is that the additional lighting will improve motorcyclist visibility, although we’d expect Blade Runner cosplayers will make a healthy secondary market.

LightMode sells four basic helmet light kits, which all come with USB-rechargeable batteries and controllers that attach to your helmet. There’s the Neutron S design, which is intended to have peel-and-stick function. You can order lights in different colors, and the Neutron S lighting system is also available in different shapes.

Then, LightMode also sells the Electron S system, which is intended to be configured into simple custom-shaped lights. The Grid S lighting system is designed to be worked into more intricate custom shapes. These can both be ordered in multiple colors as well.

Pricing is $129 US for the Neutron S, $149 for the Electron S, and $169 for the Grid S. Dual-light Neutron S systems cost $229, with free shipping in North America. For more details, see the video below, or visit the LightMode website.


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