You may or may not know anything about Lito motorcycles.  Founded in 2009, it is a small electric motorcycle manufacturer based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Lito introduced the Sora as a concept machine in 2011.  The first production model was produced in 2014.  Lito claimed that the Sora was the world’s first ever electric superbike at the time.  Merging design cues from both the bobber and street fighter categories, it carried a premium price tag of about $40,000.

Introducing the Sora 2.0

Recently, Lito introduced its newest bike, the Sora 2.0 at the 2019 Quail Motorcycle Gathering.  The Sora 2.0 features many upgrades from the first version.

The upgraded Sora 2.0. Photo credit: Lito


The Sora 2.0 is now powered by a liquid cooled, three-phase, permanent AC motor coupled to an 18 kWh battery.  Lito claims that Sora 2.0 has a range of 180 miles in city driving and that a full charge now takes 5 hours.  Both of those claims are a 50% improvement over the original Sora.

The Sora 2.0 produces a claimed 108 horsepower and 66 ft-lbs of torque.  Lito says these figures are good for a 0-60 MPH time of three seconds and a top speed of 120 MPH.

Although Sora 2.0 looks similar to the original Sora, Lito has trimmed 25 pounds from the Sora 2.0.  Lito says that the new machine weighs in at 550 pounds.

Weight loss

To get Sora 2.0’s weight down, a significant amount of carbon fiber was used.  Sora 2.0 utilizes full carbon fiber bodywork.  The bodywork includes the “control center” (which is the pseudo fuel tank cover), belt and sprocket covers, transmission cover and the bike’s headlight cowl.  Both wheels are also carbon fiber.

Premium components

If Sora 2.0 is a premium bike, it needs premium components.  Sora 2.0 uses a 6061-T6 aluminum chassis.  That chassis mates up to fully adjustable 48 mm upsidedown Ohlins fork and rear monoshock.

Beringer assisted Lito with brakes designed specifically for Sora 2.0.  As a result, braking is handled by dual 320 mm discs gripped by a radially mounted four-piston caliper.  A single 230 mm disc squeezed by a 2 piston unit resides at the rear.

Lito worked with Beringer to develop brakes for the Sora 2.0. Photo credit: Lito

Keeping up with the “premium” theme, the Sora 2.0 includes several nice to have items.  It may be the only electric superbike with a reverse gear.  It also features a 5.7 inch LCD touchscreen display and wifi/Bluetooth connectivity with onboard monitoring.  Lighting is all LED and uses an active headlight.

The Sora 2.0’s active headlight. Photo credit: Lito

Interestingly, the seat height is electronically adjustable and offers 4 inches of movement.  It can be adjusted from 29.5″ to 33.5″.

Lito used billet components liberally.  The indicators, bars, levers, and mirrors are all produced by Rizoma.

The Sora 2.0 has a 2-year warranty on the bike and a 5-year warranty on the batteries.  If you live in California or Florida, they will even pick up and drop off the bike to your home or workplace.


The Sora 2.0 comes with a premium price tag of $82,250.  No matter how you cut it, that’s a lot of money for an electric motorcycle.  But if owning one of only 20 limited edition hand assembled electric motorcycles is important to you, you can sign up now to preorder your own Sora 2.0.

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