There are multiple reasons people come to rallies, some come to meet old friends and make new ones, other for the riding, maybe for some interactive eduction or seeing new bikes…but there is a lot of people who come to see the vendors.

The KTM Rally this year had an incredible line-up and some of the best of the best from the aftermarket.

If you have never been to a rally what should you expect from the vendors? 

The biggest things are the deals, most of the vendors here were offering discounts of 10% and in some cases nearly 60% off. Then there are new products that may have just been released and never seen by the public before.

To entice you to come to the KTM Rally Next year mark it in your calendar and it was just officially announced less than an hour ago the 2020 event will be held in McCall, Idaho.

to give you an idea of a few of the things that were on show today

Rocky Mountain ATV had a new tire on display from their in house brand Tusk

Cyclops Adventure Optics had the new upgraded Explorer light putting out over 4000 lumens and easily used as an additional light, or maybe a helmet mount or other options

or maybe replace your stock dim headlight bulbs with their hi-output LED versions that use the same mount as stock

or maybe LED turn signal inserts


Look for an interview with owner Darryl coming soon to the front page, and he is an extra proud dad today because his son Wes won the Ultimate race qualifier and is now going to Morocco for the finals

Konflict Suspension had a great selection of some very trick units on display

Rottweiler Performance was showing small trick parts all the way to complete built bikes

Wolfman Luggage had new designs and colors on display

David from Atlas Throttle Lock had his patented part ready to fit on virtually any bike and was very busy doing installs all weekend…look for an interview in the near future

Trail Tech had their full range of gauges on display, and an interview has already been completed with them and is due out very soon

Jimmy with BRP Racing had a selection of very well thought out mounts, exceptionally well machined and there will be an article about BRP very soon


One of the most fun vendors there is Chris and his crew from MotoMinded, constantly innovating products, Chris has got products from idea to market in less than a day before, so you constantly need to check his web page, for updates. If you want to read more about MotoMinded there is already an article out there that I wrote a while back, take a read in case you missed it


Motion Pro, they seem to have been around forever, 1984 to be exact, always innovating there will be an article soon about Chris and how he started the company and its development through the years

an example of an innovative product is the new injector cleaner, with electrical connectors to fit a massive range of bikes…genius


Mosko Moto was here showing luggage and their new riding gear, made specifically for more offroad/ enduro style adventure riding. You really need to touch and feel the quality of their gear to understand how really innovative it is. An article about Pete aka inmate sideoff, one of the owners is out there  and there will be a more in-depth article about the company coming soon and a full gear review of there new Basilisk riding gear as well, shown below


If you like stunning photography, unique articles, and a free online monthly magazine then Upshift_Online is something you should sign up for


Giant Loop are here and are at most events, great guys to talk with and lots of new products in the pipeline, I wrote an article on Harold a while back, have a read here


Seat Concepts were showing a large selection of seats, again another article in the pipeline soon


Lots of suspension goodness from WP



MotoZ Tires had their full range on display, and an article coming soon


and Motorex, if you want a real education on oil, you could not find a better booth to find all the answers, and a lot of them might not be what you’d expect

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