Even if you’re a sworn off-road maniac, if you have decided to ride around the world or do a long overland trip, chances are you will find yourself pulling a long haul every once in a while. Sometimes, you just need to cover distance, whether it’s a boring road through the Atacama Desert or a mind-numbingly straight stretch across the Australian outback.

But a long haul motorcycle ride doesn’t have to be pure torture. Here’s what you can do to stay alert and focused on a long-distance day:

Listen to Music…

I know, I know: listening to music while riding your motorcycle isn’t the safest practice. You need to be 100% focused on the riding, not the tunes. But if you find yourself on a well-paved highway and you’re just cruising along, music can be a great energy boost during the long hours in the saddle.

Make sure the volume is low enough, so you still hear what’s going on around you, and never fiddle with your phone or iPod on the bike – just set the tracks to shuttle or compile riding playlists before the ride.

Want to really crank up your energy levels and morale? Pull some dance moves!

…or Audiobooks!

Audiobooks are less intrusive than music, and they can be a perfect way to stay alert on the long hauls. Just make sure you pick something interesting or entertaining enough – serious works of philosophy might need to wait for a better time.

Eat and Drink

There’s nothing worse than being on a long haul…and starve. When you’re hungry, you get tired and irritated quickly, speed to get to your destination faster, and generally just don’t make the best decisions. Make sure you eat well if you’re facing a long-distance day! And on the same note, don’t forget to hydrate, too, especially if you love coffee. Coffee dehydrates, so fill up that camelback and sip water frequently.

Stop and Move

Lots of riders happily stop for coffee or snacks, and that’s certainly on the menu during a long-distance ride. But don’t forget to move, too: jump up and down, walk around for a few minutes, stretch – moving your body will help avoid stiffness and stay alert.

And if all else fails… yep, you guessed it:

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