The new Long Way Up television series will debut on September 18, and now we can see the official trailer for the Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor’s latest adventure.

Boorman and McGregor helped popularize adventure motorcycling with their Long Way Round and Long Way Down television series in the 2000s. These series first aired on British television and inspired countless riders to chuck their day jobs, buy a GS, and hit the road. Even the riders who got no further than their local Starbucks will still fondly recall the series, as their cinematography and storytelling were a whole new look for motorcycling on mainstream TV.

Long Way Round took Boorman and McGregor (and film crew, and support crew …) around the world, and Long Way Down saw them head from the UK to South Africa (the classic British overlander journey). Long Way Up sees the duo (with a support crew, again) head from Argentina to Los Angeles, and this time, there’s a major twist in the story: They’re riding Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycles.

The LiveWire electric bike is a bold step forward for Harley-Davidson, but it’s even bolder to take this machine, with its limited battery range, across South America, covering 13,000 miles and 13 countries. Where will they recharge their motorcycles? Can the battery bikes hold up to the bad roads and other beatings inflicted by the South American terrain?

Sign up for Apple TV+, and you can find out for yourself. The first three episodes of the show will release on September 18, and there will be new episodes released weekly after that. More details on that here.

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