BMW’s been playing it fairly cautious this season, but that’s about to change. At least, that’s what BMW wants you to think, teasing a new bike aimed at the daredevil market, supposedly.

Actually, it’s not really fair to say BMW hasn’t made some bold moves. The company’s move back into the luxury cruiser segment, with the new R18 platform, is a potentially game-changing play. However, BMW’s motorcycles are mostly aimed at sensible, well-heeled buyers, and the new cruiser line certainly didn’t change that. You have to have deep pockets (or really good credit!) to afford a toy like the R18.

Now, BMW’s teasing a new motorcycle, to be unveiled on Thursday, November 19. What will it be? All we know is some info gleaned from the short teaser. In a Facebook post, BMW says the new bike will “Awaken the Daredevil.” Presumably, they’re talking about the inner hooligan that rests within all of us, not Matt Murdock. Not that we couldn’t use a proper, decent superhero in these trying times …

No doubt the “Daredevil” tagline refers to stunt riding, especially when you note that pro stunt rider Chris Pfeiffer is involved with the presentation. Pfeiffer has made a career of thrashing BMW’s naked bikes; rumour has it the F800 R came with a chain drive solely to enable his granny-gear antics. If Pfeiffer is riding this new machine, expect that sort of behaviour.

Most likely, the new bike is based on the S1000 platform, with liquid-cooled inline four engine and superbike-derived chassis. It’s also likely the new machine doesn’t have the Shiftcam engine from the S1000 RR. The latest S1000 XR adventure tourer didn’t have the variable valve timing feature when it came to market, and it seems unlikely the S1000 R would. But who knows for sure? We’ll get the rest of the story on Thursday.

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