A lot of products are out there from small companies that have their original origins in the Adventure bike world, some of them make products that you have been looking for but maybe didn’t know were out there.


One of these small niche companies is MotoMinded who make an extremely trick line of products for a large range of bikes. The owner, Chris, has been an inmate since early 2006.


Tell us about MotoMinded, what were your humble beginnings?

I started in 2012 when I had the idea for the Pillbox. I raced the Mexican 1000 Rally in 2012 and carried a spare fuel injector and filters in my pocket.

Had the idea to make a holder under the seat. Made the company to launch the product and away we went.

You are using new technology with 3D printing, was there a reason you went this way instead of the more common CNC machining process?

We sell niche products. Additive manufacturing (3D Printing) allows us to sell products that would not be able to bring to market any other way.

What was your first product with MotoMinded, and do you still make it?

The Pillbox. Yes, currently out of stock but bringing it back soon.

Image result for motominded pillbox

Where do you get your inspiration, your thoughts, and ideas or do you accept suggestions from customers/ friends?

Yes, to all. We ride and race so most products inspire internally to solve problems we experience. The Air Filter Disc was an issue that started on ThumperTalk.com and a friend pointed out the thread. We are also helping friends prototype and launch their own products.

Your products currently are for non-Japanese bikes, any plans to add the ‘big four’ to your product line?

Yes, we have a Universal GPS mount that will be available for all European and Japanese bikes.

Image result for motominded gps mount

The Rally Moto kit is a new product, plans to expand that multiple bikes? or do a light version for riders who want ‘the look’ but not necessarily needed all the electrics upfront because of never racing?

We are coming out with several fitments for 2019.

Image result for motominded rally kit

How many different unique products does MotoMinded make?
We are currently close to 30 now. The List

Could you say made in the USA with all your products?
Yes, most all. We source our components and materials as close to Colorado Springs as we can.

How long does it take from an idea, to design, to prototype, to the final product on the shelf?

Depends on the complexity. The Extender switch knob and Air Filter Disk were ideas in the AM and launched that afternoon. Others like our Helmet LED took 6 months to design, revise, test, produce and launch.

Can we see a photo of YOUR BIKE, I’m sure it is something a little special?

We post on social media (Instagram) from time to time. 2017 KTM XC-F 450, added a 6th gear, Rally Moto Kit – Race version and a ton of accessories form our partners. BRP, Double Take Mirror, ICO Racing, MX1West, Renazco Racing, DDC Racing, Slavens Racing, Michelin Bibs, Dunlop Tires, Rally Moto Shop, Black Dog CW, Konflict Motorsports.

As you make products for dual sport/ dirt bikes do you do anything else for the community that you could tell us about?

Do ADVrider and its inmates play a big part in your business, do you offer any kind of incentive or discount for inmates?

A good chunk of sales come from the ADVrider community. We give back by offering a 10% discount to members. Easily found on our thread. 😉

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