Whether you are staying at decent hotels or bumming it wild-camping everywhere you go, if you love good coffee, it’s usually best to make your own. But since the space in your panniers is limited, you can’t exactly carry an espresso machine around.

Here’s how to make great coffee on the road.

French Press

Personally, I carry this little all-in-one French press.

Making Great Coffee on the Road www.advrider.com

It acts like a little coffee maker, mug, and thermos, and cost a whopping $18 on Amazon. I’ve been using it daily for over three months now, and I’m loving it: it’s easy to use, light and compact to carry, and I can have my coffee just the way I want it.

Mini Espresso Maker

Can’t live without your espresso? Check out this small Bialetti espresso maker:

Making Great Coffee on the Road www.advrider.com

It’s a little bulkier than the French press mug, but still small and compact enough to be carried in your panniers. Awesome coffee guaranteed!

Going Turkish

Before I got my French press mug, I used to simply pour boiling water over ground coffee, cover the cup with a saucer (or whatever is handy), let the grounds settle, and enjoy.

If you want to try going Turkish, here’s a detailed article on how to make the best brew.

Paper filters

This is a simple and easy to carry solution: just have a stack of paper coffee filters and stock up when you can. Instead of carrying a bulky plastic filter holder, check out this simple Ortlieb coffee filter holder.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll need one important ingredient: boiling water. In restaurants and local eateries, you can always simply ask for boiling water – most people will happily give you some, especially if you share some of that delicious-smelling coffee!

But if you camp a lot or love a cup of coffee on the road, you’ll need some cooking gear. Here’s a great article on how to choose a good, compact cooking gear kit.

What’s your favorite way of brewing coffee on the road? Let me know in the comments below!

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