Were you planning to go to the Mama Tried custom show or the Flat Out Friday races this winter? If so, better juggle your schedule, because the two grassroots motorcycle events have seen their 2021 dates changed, from February all the way until December of next year.

Mama Tried and Flat Out Friday are staples of the midwest motorcycle off-season. Based in Milwaukee, they’re a highlight for many riders whose bikes are parked due to the weather. Unfortunately, last year’s events were cancelled, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic—originally, they were supposed to run March 13-15, 2020. That was just when things started getting crazy in North America, and organizers postponed the show and the races, then eventually cancelled the events, once it was obvious things weren’t returning to normal anytime soon.

Now, it looks like they’re still pretty cautious about announcing the party is back on. The 2021 Mama Tried and Flat Out Friday events were scheduled to run February 26-28 in 2021. Now, those dates have been changed, and the events will run in December of 2021, on the 3rd through the 5th.

Here’s what organizers said on the Mama Tried website: “We as a team we have decided that February of 2021 for the rescheduled Show/Race is just too soon. Wisconsin will not be ready for that. And we don’t want to get everyone stoked and start making travel arrangements for another ‘maybe.’

So, we are going to push the Show and Races to the December 3rd/4th/5th 2021 weekend. We know it’s not in our usual winter/February time frame, but since not much is normal anymore AND that’s the soonest we could get a slot at the Fiserv Forum for Flat Out Friday Racing, December 3rd/4th/5th 2021 it is.

Organizers say tickets to the 2020 show will still be honoured at the re-scheduled 2021 event, or “Refunds are available through the venue that you purchased them.

It’s unsurprising to see the organizers move the events’ dates, but still somewhat disappointing. As we move into the North American late fall/winter season, motorcycle shows are often something riders look forward to, as their bikes are put away for a few months—at least for riders in the northern part of the continent. The IMS show season takes on a new look next year, with mostly outdoor events, and now it looks like grassroots events are also going to go through a second season of cancellations. Good thing we’ve got racing to watch on TV, at least.

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