The Mama Tried show is back for 2021, with the show running next month, scheduled for December 4-5 in Milwaukee.

As far as North American shows built around custom motorcycles and culture (kulture?), Mama Tried is one of the biggest, right up there with The One Moto Show in Portland, Oregon. The emphasis is on craftsmanship, unique ideas, and “authenticity,” whatever that is. The point is, this isn’t the boomer-centric custom show you remember from the ’00s, featuring walrus-mustachioed “chopper builders” with cartoonishly oversized biceps throwing chairs at their co-workers and offspring. You’ll see hand-built scramblers, enduros and other machines that are much more interesting than built-from-a-catalog hardtails.

While there’s no definitive list of what bikes to expect at this point, Mama Tried has started uploading photos of some of the machines to its Facebook page—keep an eye on that space for more details.

The 2020 Mama Tried show was canceled, thanks to COVID-19, and tickets bought for that show are now valid for 2021, if you’ve got one kicking around in a desk drawer somewhere. Otherwise, you can buy new tickets here.

You can also buy tickets for December 3’s Flat Out Friday at that webpage. The Mama Tried show runs at the Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee; the Flat Out Friday indoor flat track races run at Fiserv Forum the day before the show itself starts. The event poster promises “Vintage & Modern Classes, Pro & Amateur on a Dr. Pepper soaked, sticky concrete surface.” Make sure you’re wearing proper protective gear, or you might get diabetes just from crashing your bike. More deets here.

Shows are coming back

Even if pod filters and other Nickel Town Customs accessories aren’t your thing, there’s good reason to be encouraged by Mama Tried’s return. After 18 months of closures from COVID-19, we’re starting to see motorcycle events return, just in time for North America’s off-season. IMS Outdoors has been going gangbusters all fall, with its new fairground-style shows taking advantage of cooler autumn weather. While indoor shows are still somewhat dependent on local regulations, EICMA is about to kick off in Italy, and then this winter, we’ll see smaller regional shows return. Good—for those of us about to park our bikes and start snow shoveling, we need something to look forward to.

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