With a massive 20,000 Indian Rupee bounty on his head (about $272 US), Raghunath Singh must have been living in a cloud of uncertainty and fear for the better part of the past four decades. The year was 1983, and Singh and two accomplices performed a daring heist to steal a motorcycle, make and model unknown, from a bank manager in Managadhi, India. According to Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Gaurav Grover, the two co-conspirators were arrested shortly afterwards, and the motorcycle was immediately recovered.

Raghunath Singh escaped, and the resident of Aligarh, in the Uttar Pradesh district of northern India, presumably went underground. It is unclear whether Singh had the help of a massive organized crime syndicate with international ties to motorcycle theft rings the world over, or if he simply went home and went about his life, but he managed to elude the authorities for 37 years.

Motorcycle theft is on a downward trend, broadly speaking, but still remains a problem for enthusiasts everywhere. The ease with which a motorcycle can be simply picked up and placed in a van or pickup truck makes them difficult to secure. Even advanced alarm systems that alert the owner immediately that their vehicle is being tampered with are only effective if the owner is close by.

Raghunath Singh was finally caught when an acquaintance of Singh’s two accomplices informed police of Singh’s whereabouts in Mathura, south of where the motorcycle was originally stolen in Managadhi. It is unknown whether the acquaintance received the reward money.


Source: mid-day.com

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