Scott Flick lost everything to an Alemeda Oregon wildfire.  His home, as well as his neighbor’s homes, burned to the ground.  The fire left little for him to re-claim.  But even with his tragic loss, Flick still felt the need to help others avoid a similar situation.

According to KOBI5,  at first, Flick didn’t understand the magnitude of the wildfire.  He said that he didn’t expect anything to burn.  But when he tried to return to his home, the road was closed.  He left his car and got onto his bike to check his property.  Unfortunately, there was nothing left.

As the winds increased, so did the magnitude and range of the fire.  Soon, D & S Harley-Davidson was engulfed in flames.  Fanned by the wind, the fire started moving towards Oregon Motorcycle Adventures (OMA) KTM.

Flick saves KTMs

It was then that Flick began to take action.  He decided to break into the dealership and rescue some of the machines inside.    He said he couldn’t rip the inner door handle off.  So he broke in and ripped it off from the inside.  That did the job, and Flick was able to save nine different KTMs from the inferno.

OMA-KTM owner Jeff Moffett had an idea who rescued the bikes.

“When they told me that a guy broke into the store and saved the motorcycles I had a really good idea of who it was.”  – KOBI5

And he was right. It was Scott Flick.  The man who had lost everything he owned only hours earlier.

Flick says he misses riding.

“I miss riding motorcycles bad. I get choked up every time about my best friend burnt. You can almost see it from here.” – KOBI5

Flick hopes to be able to rebuild his home and replace the possessions he lost.  If you’d like to help, he has set up a gofundme page.

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