Police are fining a man whose pillion riding dog was seen in a recent viral video.  The name of the man is not known.

But News 18, an India news station reports that the rider is receiving more than one fine in conjunction with the video.  The video shows a man riding a scooter with a dog perched on the seat behind him.

When the video of the dog on the bike’s seat went viral on Twitter, the Motor Vehicle Department tracked down the owner and sent him two citations.  The first for riding a motorcycle without a helmet.  The second citation is for putting the life of the pet in danger.

The fines total 2,500 Rupees (approximately $33).  In addition, the man has been summonsed to appear at the Regional Transport Office (RTO) to explain the circumstances of having the dog on the back of his scooter.

This is not the first time a video has surfaced of pets being carried on motorcycles.  In some cases, the pet has been “secured” to the machine, while in others, the pet balances itself.

In this instance, the pet is not secured to the bike in any manner.  But it also does not seem to be afraid on the back of the bike.

So what do you think of owners who take their pets on motorcycle rider?  Should the owner be subject to citations and/or arrest for doing so?  Is it worse if the pet isn’t secured to the bike?  Let us know in the comments below.



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