It’s not something you see every day.  A man on a motorcycle flying overhead.  But that’s precisely what a Turkish rider recently did.  Turkish professional tandem paraglider pilot Hasan Kaval has taken to the skies on his bike using his parachute and a propeller.

Hasan modified his motorcycle by adding a propeller to the rear of the machine.  The propeller uses the bike’s engine for power.  So the bike isn’t merely attached to the parachute; it powers it for extended flights.  In the case of this flight, one that lasted for over 20 minutes.


Hasan over Pamukkale Turkey on his motorcycle.

But his family wasn’t happy about Hasan’s flights.  He said:

  “My family told me to do my job, which is to cook, but flying was something else entirely for me.  I feel free and peaceful in the air, like a bird. But at first, my family was very angry.”

Ultimately, he was able to earn their support for his flights.  And his flying continues with other “transportation” themes.  Hasan says he has always been enthusiastic about trying interesting things.  He’s flown while playing backgammon and okey, a tile-based game, as well as watching television on a sofa and lying in bed while soaring in the sky.


Hasan takes a nap while flying.

Kaval is performing his “stunts” to promote tourism in Turkey.  In the case of this motorcycle flight, he flew over Pamukkale, a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in southwestern Turkey’s Denizli region.  It is known for its mineral-rich thermal waters and white travertine terraces.

It seems that Kaval’s flights are doing their job.  I now have added Pamukkale to my travel list.   Nice work, Hasan!

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