Traveling Lower Silesia in Poland, I stopped for some gas and a cold drink at a small gas station on a narrow rural road. I was greeted by a couple on a Honda Varadero who were taking an ice cream break at the same gas station. After the initial “where are you from” and “where are you going” exchange, the woman asked me why I was traveling alone, followed by the usual “aren’t you scared/isn’t it dangerous/isn’t it lonely” questions.

Solo travel isn’t for everyone. Personally, I prefer traveling alone, but that’s me. And even then, solitude blues can hit when you least expect it – that’s normal. But managing loneliness on the road doesn’t have to be a difficult task.

Staying Connected

While you may disappear offline for days on end, staying connected to your loved ones back home is essential. Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts – there are so many ways to chat to people regardless of your location that there’s really no excuse not to. If they are busy, schedule chat sessions in advance, and make sure you have good WiFi.

Getting on Social Media

Social media is a great tool to find like-minded souls. I’ve been chatting to some riders I’ve never met in real life for years now, and it’s a great way to feel less like an alien. Fellow riders instantly get you, and that’s an awesome feeling.

Riding with Other People

Speaking of fellow riders: adventure riding is practically mainstream now, which means that there are riders everywhere. On the road, locally, literally everywhere, so if you’re feeling lonely, just reach out to other people who are on the same route or headed in the same direction, and ride with them. It can be an afternoon ride or a week-long trek across some mountain passes; if you click, riding with others can be a cool experience.

Books and Music

If all else fails, there are always books and music while riding. Being a bit of a loner weirdo, I can get lost in books for days, and music cheers me up while riding. If you aren’t a book/music nerd, just do what you love – maybe it’s photography, hiking, or whatever else that makes your soul sing, and suddenly, you aren’t alone anymore.

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