If you’ve ditched your old-school GPS unit and just use your smartphone for navigation, there’s good news (maybe). MapFactor says its Navigator 7 app is now compatible with Android Auto.

You might hear that and think “One, I have an iOS phone, and Two, isn’t Android Auto for cars?” Yeah, if you’re running an iPhone, you’re out of luck on this one. But as for the second part, well, Android Auto is becoming more widely available for motorcycles all the time. Honda’s 2021 Africa Twin Adventure Sports and Gold Wing models come with Android Auto, as well as some 2021 Harley-Davidson models.

Now, Navigator 7 is available as a free nav app through Android Auto, and that’s good news for those using their phone for navigation.

Navigator 7 is a widely-used app (more than 35 million downloads) that’s based on free OSM maps, with monthly updates (you can pay to upgrade to TomTom maps). For the no-charge, basic version of the app, dozens of countries’ maps are available at no cost, from every continent. Just the sort of thing a budget-minded ADV rider might be interested in!

Along with basic road maps, Navigator 7 also offers speed limit and radar camera warnings, both 2D and 3D modes, route planning tools for specific vehicles (cars/bicycle/bus, etc.), route avoidance options, day/night map modes, and many other powerful functions in the free version.

If you want to pay, you can add options like live traffic information (available for over 80 countries), a heads-up display, online search, and go ad-free.

You can find more details on updated Mapfactor 7 in the Google Play store.

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