With the number of COVID-19 cases decreasing in the UK, businesses are set to re-open in phases.  This means that people will soon be returning to their workplaces.  But instead of taking public transportation, the UK’s Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) is suggesting alternatives.

MCIA encouragement

The MCIA is encouraging people who already own a motorcycle to forego taking public transportation or their cars to work.  Instead, the MCIA suggests that people consider taking “powered two-wheelers” (i.e motorcycles and scooters) to work.

MCIA logo

The UK’s MCIA an association of motorcycle industry businesses.

It has even built a website called #unlockyourfreedom that gives people advice and information about commuting on powered two-wheelers.  The website features information on several different topics including:

  • Remaining totally isolated
  • Affordable ownership
  • Cost of travel
Confined MCIA

MCIA says taking public transport provides freedom from public transport confinement.

For those that don’t have a motorcycle license, there’s also information on finding local motorcycle training schools.

According to the MCIA’s Nick Broomhall:

“Powered two wheelers have lots of advantages.  We’re keen to show people they can be a cheap and safe way to get to work, but we need help from existing riders too.”

The MCIA also has suggestions for employers about how they can make things easier for staff members by providing dedicated motorcycle parking and changing areas so riders can change out of their riding gear and into their work clothes.

Risky MCIA

The MCIA touting the use of powered two-wheelers instead of public transport.

Information to the public

It’s great to see the industry providing information to the public and employers on the capabilities that powered two-wheelers bring.  The MCIA’s program looks like a win/win situation in helping people remain socially isolated while providing a way to travel, other than public transport.

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