Back in 2019, Metzeler and Indian Motorcycles agreed to a technical partnership for Indian’s new 2020 Challenger model.  At that point, Metzler became the development partner and exclusive tire supplier for Indian’s new bike.

And now, the technical collaboration between the two companies is expanding.  According to a press release, Metzler will now become the exclusive tire manufacturer for other Indian motorcycles.  Starting in 2021, Metzler will be the exclusive supplier of tires for the Indian FTR, Indian Roadmaster, Indian Chieftan, Springfield, and Vintage.

The Indian FTR will get METZELER SPORTEC™ M9 RR tires as original equipment.  According to Metzler, the SPORTEC™ M9 RR exploits the latest technological advances from the German brand’s research and development.  According to the German company, the SPORTEC™ M9 RR provides a sporty riding style for motorcyclists that ride their bikes almost every day.  Metzler claims that the FTR provides “extraordinary handling” in part thanks to its SPORTEC™ M9 RR tires.  Going forward, all Indian FTRs will come with a 120/70 ZR 17 front and 180/55 ZR 17 rear.


Indian’s FTR uses Metzeler Sportec M9 RR tires.  Photo credit: Indian Motorcycles

A different Metzler tire will appear on Indian touring bikes.  The Indian Challenger, Roadmaster, Chieftain, Springfield, and Vintage models, including the Limited and Dark Horse versions, will get Metzler’s CRUISETEC™ rubber.  Metzler says that these tires are developed to take advantage of powerful heavyweight motorcycles’ full performance potential.  They claim that the CRUISETEC™ tires provide a high level of grip, even in wet conditions, excellent handling, and structural characteristics oriented towards riding pleasure.

Given the expanding technical relationship, it appears that Indian is quite happy with Metzler’s technical and production performance.   It will be interesting to see whether the partnership will expand again to encompass all Indian models.

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