As more and more riders (ad)venture out of the country, riders from the US the obvious choice is Mexico for a country to ‘go foreign’.

When entering Mexico for the first time it becomes quickly apparent that taillights are kind of optional and your judgment for what the driver in front of you does or might do, will become your new superpower.

The main one of these you will quickly come to be more than familiar with is the infamous ‘Left Turn Signal Rule’ that isn’t a written rule at all.

Having ridden Mexico a lot and from my experience, these are the variations I have seen in Mexico


some of my Mexico riding over the last 7 years

  • I’m turning left…yes it does happen, really it does
  • I’m turning left…but I’m going to pull to the right because there is too much traffic to make the turn and I don’t want to be rear-ended
  • Alternate variation of above – I’m turning but I’ll pull over to the right first to let you go by
  • I forgot I had it on!
  • My hazard lights are on but only one works!
  • In the dark – I have no tail lights, so just to let you know I’m here, could be the right one as well or both as hazard lights
  • I have no brake lights, so I use hazard lights as brake lights, but only the left works
  • It’s always on when the car is running
  • I’m letting you know you can overtake me and its safe. That’s not always the case, always double check for yourself
  • I’m next in line to overtake the person in front of me, DON’T try and pass me!


A call out to all Mexico riding veterans. Can you add to this list?




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