Riding with your sweetie to the Mexican state of Morelos in the near future? If so, you might want to check the local laws ahead of time, as the state’s governor is backing a proposed ban on adult motorcycle pillions.

Mexico News Daily says the move by Governor Cuauhtémoc Blanco is aimed at fighting crime. In many parts of the world, motorcycles are a favored criminal getaway vehicle, and are also a favoured tool of hit squads. Armed motorcycle passengers have long been grimly effective in eliminating political or criminal opponents in developing countries, particularly Central and South America.

Two-wheelers are also popular with snatch-and-grab bandits in many countries (check out YouTube’s extensive video collection of baddies on step-throughs for proof). So—Governor Blanco wants to shut those nasty incidents down by banning adult motorcycle passengers. So, he’s backing the state congress’s shutdown on adult motorcycle passengers.

To back up the proposed move, Blanco says a recent three-month crackdown found 400 stolen bikes after checking paperwork for 1510 motorcycles. The write-up quotes the governor as saying “Believe me, you can always find criminals on motorcycles when there are two people aboard.”

Errr, sounds a bit harsh, but this sort of crackdown on motorcycles has happened before in other places, for the same reasons, and has seen some success in fighting crime. In some countries, pillions are made to wear vests with licence numbers, similar to licence plates, to help identify the passengers. So, Blanco’s methods may be unpopular, but not without precedent.

But wait, you say! What about all those people who use motorcycles to haul their kids, or even their whole families, in developing countries? The state’s governor says children will still be allowed to travel with their parents. All this, despite this ruling from the town of Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, that sees children banned from riding with their parents. Nothing like consistency in the law!

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