There’s good news in some segments of the US moto industry.  According to the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC), off-road and dual-sport motos are flying off the shelf.  That’s welcome news for motorcycling in the USA overall.

The MIC says that off-highway motorcycle sales jumped 50.3 percent in the first half of the year compared to 2019.  There is also good news in the dual-sport motorcycle category with sales rising a very substantial 20.9 percent versus 2019’s sales for the same period.

The off-highway motorcycle category includes dirt bikes, trail bikes, competition motorcycles, and other motorized two-wheelers that cannot be used on public roads.  Dual-purpose motorcycles are classified by the MIC as street-legal machines that are also designed to be used on off-road trails.

MIC President and CEO Erik Pritchard

Erik Pritchard, President, and CEO of the MIC believes that the sales increase can be attributed in part by the COVID pandemic.

 “Riding dirt and trail bikes has always been one of the best ways to spend time with family and friends.  Now, with the pandemic, it has amplified what’s positive about getting out on motorcycles.  You can get out of the house, have fun with your loved ones, and still maintain social distancing.”

But the story is not completely rosy for the US’s moto sales.  “On-highway” motorcycle’s sales dipped 9.6 percent.  Slightly offsetting that loss are scooter sales which saw their sales climb 4 percent compared to last year.

“There are many benefits to motorcycles and scooters. In normal times, studies have shown that they help alleviate congestion.  During this pandemic, being on a motorcycle means being able to avoid crowds and lessening the chance of spreading and picking up germs.  And many riders say it adds fun to a normally mundane commute. Our Commuter Distancing social media posts are a reminder of these benefits.”

Helping people wanting to commute on powered two-wheelers is the MIC’s website.  It provides information on how to get rider training and where they can find an appropriate bike.

Pritchard once again chimes in saying:

“It’s just a first step, and many in the powersports industry are waiting to help riders-to-be explore their options.  Sales from the first half of the year indicate growing interest in powersports products and we’re excited to help them on their journey.”

It’s great to see moto sales on the rise for many of its moto categories.   Let’s hope that on-highway bike sales are on the increase soon.  And, congrats to the MIC for providing the resources to help new riders into the moto community.

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