In a slumping motorcycle industry, some individual brands have taken steps to inspire new riders and get them on two wheels.  Harley-Davidson has touted its “More Roads To Harley-Davidson” program as a means to help remove “barriers” for people interested in riding motorcycles.

In a similar vein, Zero Motorcycles partnered with Discover The Ride at last year’s International Motorcycle Show (IMS).  Zero and Discover The Ride hoped to lure potential new riders with an indoor onsite new rider course.  People were able to test ride motorcycles in a controlled environment with rider coaches.  They even had a kid zone where children could try out battery-assisted balance bikes on a closed course.

MIC broad initiative

While each of these initiatives is good, they lacked the participation of the vast majority of the motorcycle manufacturing world.  But that may be changing.

Recently, the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) announced its long-term plan to coordinate and consolidate these efforts.  The MIC Board Chair and Indian Motorcycle Senior Assistant General Counsel, Paul Vitrano reiterated the importance of a combined approach.  Inspiring and creating a new generation of riders should be a group exercise.

“While many of us, with our individual businesses, have taken steps to grow ridership, we also should be working together, and the MIC wants to help make that happen.”

MIC Logo

The Motorcycle Industry Council has a plan to inspire and grow new motorcycle riders. Image credit: MIC

Consultants to help

To help make that a reality, Vitrano said that the MIC had teamed with the consulting firm Centauric, LLC.  Centauric will work to identify the common roadblocks for potential riders and formula a strategic plan for the future.

Vitrano explained the role Centauric would have towards generating new riders.

“Centauric has committed an impressive multi-disciplinary team of behavioral scientists, engineers, and business consultants, and takes a unique approach to problem-solving.  “We are excited to be working with them on this critical initiative.”

The MIC’s Vice-Chair and VP for American Honda Motor Corporation, Chuck Boderman emphasized that the results of the MIC’s new initiative will not happen overnight.

“This is not designed to be a quick fix, nor is it just about sales,” said Boderman. “It’s about showing people how motorcycles can fit into and enrich their lives.” That’s something all motorcycle manufacturers should be able to get behind.

While the details of how the MIC will carry out its plan are not yet clear, the MIC will unveil its official plan at the IMS in Columbus, OH. will be there and we’ll report back on what the MIC has up its sleeve.


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