Michigan is apparently paying attention to its OHRV riding citizens.  Statewide, Oakland County has the largest proportion of OHRV licenses in the state.

Even though they issued the highest percentages of OHRV licenses, there were no off-road parks in that section of southeast Michigan.  The nearest facility is located in Genesee County, which hours away from Oakland County.

OHRVs including motorcycles will have access to the new facility.  Photo credit: Oakland County Parks

But according to Dan Stencil, the Executive Officer of the Oakland County Parks and Recreation that is about to change.  Oakland County will be opening a new 113-acre OHRV park in 2020.  The park will be squeezed into the area between I-75 and the Dixie Highway.  The park will have rolling hills, sand climbs, and a few trees dotting the grounds.

There’s even better news for Michigan residents.  The park will likely double in size to approximately 235 acres in 3 to 4 years.

The park’s opening has been greeted with great support.  According to State and U.S. Forest Service data, almost 15 million Michigan residents over 16 participated in ORV recreation from 1995 to 2004.  That gives Michigan the sixth highest participation rate in the US.

There will be a daily entry fee to use the facility ranging from $15 to 25 per vehicle.  In addition, an ORV license and trail permit will be required.


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