There are many programs out there to train motorcyclists.  The prime concept of these types of courses is to train motorcyclist to ride safely and defensively.  And now, the state of Michigan is taking training one step further.  It has mounted a campaign to train motorists to see motorcycles.  The goal of the program is to help motorists how best to prevent crashes with motorcycles.  The program includes telling drivers where and when to be more attentive while operating an automobile.

Michigan motorists versus motorcycles

According to Chad Teachout, Michigan’s State Coordinator for Michigan’s Rider Education Program, the crux of the campaign is to train drivers to look for and be more aware of motorcyclists.  Teachout also said that most  Michigan automobile/motorcycle crashes occur in the late afternoon or evening as people get home from work and go out for a ride; a time when there is more traffic on the road.

Michigan car training motorcyclist

A billboard from Michigan’s new driver training program.

Also taking part in getting the word out is Lt. David Cope of the Michigan State Police.  He emphasized that most crashes occur on surface roads and not the highway which is a common misconception.  He went on to say that in Michigan, 84% of all automobile/motorcycle crashes occur in the more congested city streets and that most crashes were the result of drivers turning left in front of motorcycles.

While most motorcyclists know these type of statistics, apparently Michigan thinks that many automobile drivers do not and has started this campaign to put train drivers about motorcyclists.  They have also produced a website that covers many tips on being motorcycle aware.

Multi-media campaign

Michigan has also produced videos that will be placed with gas stations that have video monitors in the pumps to the drivers will get the motorcycle safety messages as they fill up.

Michigan car training motorcyclist

Michigan’s driver training program reminds drivers to look twice.

The state will also use billboards to get the message out to motorists.  There are several different versions of the billboards.  If you are interested, you can see all the media (including the videos) that state has generated on its Look Twice website.

While Michigan’s program doesn’t guarantee a motorcyclists safety, it is nice to see that they are taking steps to make drivers more aware of motorcyclists.  Hopefully, it helps increase safety for all.



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