Braaaaap! Husqvarna has announced some updates to its 2021 FS450 supermoto. The machine doesn’t get any serious changes for 2022, but the revisions do go slightly beyond skin-deep.

The mechanical upgrades for 2022? There’s a new hydraulic clutch system (Brembo actuation system mated to Suter clutch), which Husqvarna says offers “perfect, fade-free action in all conditions.” No doubt much preferable to the cable-operated clutches that Japan ships on most of their dirt bikes and dual sports. One wonders when the engineers at the Big Four will discover that hydraulic clutches are useful offroad? … but I digress!

Aside from that, the new Husqvarna gets … Bold New Graphics. Yep, it’s pretty much the same as the ’21 model, with updated paint. Not that that’s a bad thing. The FS450 is a very high-spec hoonmobile.

Like the previous model, the FS450 has a liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine, making 63 horsepower horsepower at the crank. That’s less than a third of a top-tier superbike, but when you cram that much power into a tiny dirt bike chassis and add 16.5/17-inch Alpina wheels with sticky Bridgestone tires, and a 238-pound wet weight, you should be able to find something to smile about, regardless.

This theme of high-spec componentry continues all through the bike. Pankl makes the five-speed gearbox; the forks and shock are fully adjustable, built by WP. The FS450 has ProTaper bars, Brembo brakes, and Twin Air air filter. The subframe is carbon-fibre, reducing the bike’s weight.

But, here’s what the FS450 doesn’t come with: A street-legal registration. Just as Husky’s MX bikes are made for closed- course competition, so is the FS450. It’s made for the racetrack, and you’ll probably have a tough time putting one on the road, unless you live in a jurisdiction with loose registration rules.

While we imagine this bike will be sold in North America, we’ve been given no timeline for its arrival yet.

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