The helmet safety specialists at MIPS are updating their company’s product line, with an emphasis not just on safety, but also adding more comfort.

Based out of Sweden, MIPS is still working on becoming a well-known name in the moto industry. Well-informed riders are likely to be familiar with the company’s technology, but at this point, most of the big-name motorcycle helmet makers aren’t licencing its technology. Bell and Fox offer helmets with MIPS technology, though; last summer, we tested a Bell helmet with MIPS and liked it, although it’s definitely a different fit than a traditional helmet.

MIPS doesn’t make helmets itself (at least, not for now). Instead, MIPS makes helmet liners that reduce rotational forces in a crash. Instead of focusing on direct impacts to the head, MIPS liners stop your brain from damaging twisting forces in a crash. MIPS offers its technology to a wide range of helmet manufacturers, saying 111 helmet makers use its technology worldwide. Although motorcycle helmet manufacturers have been slow to adopt the technology, it’s widely available in the bicycle world and for other helmets, including hard hats.

Now, MIPS has diversified its line into five sub-series of technology.

There’s the basic Essential MIPS liner, emphasizing safety against rotational force, but built with lower costs in mind. MIPS also has the new Evolve liner system, with improved fit and ventilation capability, as well as compatibility with a neck retention system. The new AIR system is much more streamlined, being MIPS’ lightest and best-ventilated liner. And, there’s the Elevate system, which MIPS designed for hard hat usage—not really applicable to motorcycle helmets.

The most interesting development is the new Integra system. This is designed to be built directly into the helmet, instead of an add-on liner. MIPS says this is a more comfortable, better-ventilated system than the secondary liner; just guessing, if the bigger players in the moto helmet world start moving towards MIPS, this is the design they’re going to adopt.

See more details on MIPS’ new products in the company’s product demonstration video below:

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