Catherine contacted us asking if we could most a missing person’s message. Her brother Nicolas has been out of contact with family and friends for over two weeks while riding from Cusco, Peru to Bolivia on a white Suzuki DR650. If anyone knows anything, please email and I will pass it onto Catherine. We are trying to determine if he was a member of

UPDATE 29 August 2019:

Still no trace of Nicolas. And unfortunately, we haven’t been able to 100% confirm any of the sightings. Please see for more details

UPDATE 10 August 2019:

Finally some light in the darkness! Nicolas is now actively searched by the Bolivian police. He’s also become a Bolivian TV and YouTube star – not sure he’ll be ecstatic about this. We (a bunch of wonderful bikers and people from various places in Bolivia) have started receiving reports of sightings in Bolivia, which we are still verifying. Our hopes are definitely up!

Special thanks also to the Belgian consulate in La Paz, who have generously assigned a lawyer to accompany me to the police and the immigration office.

UPDATE: 8 August 2019: A number of Peeuvian have been in contact to say they met him, but there has been no contact after June 16.

UPDATE 5 August 2019: Nicolas registered with Bolivian immigration at Puerto-Acosta on June 16. There’s no record of him leaving the country. Please forward this post to anybody you know who is in Bolivia or was traveling in Bolivia at the time.

UPDATE 2 August 2019: The embassy that Nicolas crossed the border to Bolivia at Tilali on June 16

UPDATE: A member has let us know that Nicolas left la Estrellita hostel in Cusco on June 15. He was heading towards Bolivia through Tilali border crossing. 

Catherine write:

My brother Nicolas, who has been biking across South America since April, hasn’t been in touch since June 15 2019. He was in Cusco at the time and about to continue towards Bolivia. I’ve contacted friends and relatives, nobody has heard from him since then. He’s 45 and a very experienced biker.

He is riding a white Suzuki DR650 (reg Y34412) he bought second-hand from somebody in Vancouver August 2018).

My brother speaks Spanish fluently and is likely to have been in contact with locals quite a lot. He is a Luxembourg citizen and usually resides in Krakow, Poland.

She is going to send this message to South-American motoqueros clubs. If you are a member of a South Ameican adventure riding forum or community please share this message:

Has visto a mi hermano?

No temos noticias de mi hermano Nicolas Holzem desde el 15 de Junio. Esta manejando una moto Suzuki DR650 blanca matriculada Y34412 que compro segunda-mano en Vancouver no agosto pasado. El estaba en Cusco este mediados de junio e estaba planeando continuar hacia Bolivia / carretera de la muerte, con destino final Buenos Aires. Nicolas tiene 44 anos e 1,7m de altura. Habla frances, espanol, ingles, e tambien un poco de portugues.

Here is a recent photo of his Motorcycle:

An additional photo of Nicolas (Right):

Update: Nicolas left la Estrellita hostel in Cusco on June 15. He was heading towards Bolivia through Tilali border crossing.

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