If you are a fan of Mitas tires, there’s good news for you.  Mitas is enhancing its trail/adventure tire offerings by reintroducing several different sizes.  Both the E-07 range as well as the E-07+ range now benefit from the new sizes.  For those not familiar with the brand, Mitas says that the E-07 is “a true 50% on-road and 50% off-road adventure tire.”

According to Mitas’ Vice President, Two Wheels and Specialty tires Gustavo Pinto Teixeira:

“Over its long years of service it (Mitas E-07) has continued to be one of the most desirable choices for adventure riders, as it combines road riding performance and wear with more adventurous off-road trips. Due to its hard wearing compound and optimal performance
on- and off-road, the E-07 remains a preferred choice on many journeys across the world.”

Mitas’ other E-07 variant, the E-07+ is a 60% on-road and 40% off-road adventure tire.  It is specifically for larger adventure motorcycles with higher displacements and power outputs.  Mitas says that the E-07+’s tread design is slightly more on-road oriented that the original E-07.  It has a bigger knobby design with plenty of open space between the tread blocks.  This configuration allows the tire to displace sand, mud, and water from the contact patch while still keeping a good on-road contact patch.

Dakar version

For those interested in a more rugged version of the E-07, select sizes of both tires are available in “Dakar” versions.  The “Dakar” versions benefit from a reinforced carcass, higher puncture resistance, and a harder compound.  Mitas says that the “Dakar” versions are ideal for higher loads and longer adventure trips.

Both tread patterns are fully interchangeable and compatible between front and rear (e.g. an E-07 front and an E-07+ rear)  And if you are a fan of running tubes in your tires, both the E-07 and E-07+ can be used with a tube on tube-type rims.

twisted throttle

You can pre-order Mitas’ E-07 and E-07+ from Twisted Throttle now for late July delivery. Image credit: Twisted Throttle

The new E-07s will be available in late July.  If you’d like to pre-order them now, you can do so at Twisted Throttle.

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