With the Fall season in full swing and winter rapidly approaching, riding in cooler/colder temperatures is a fact of life.  Sometimes you just layer up, but other times you need more.  That’s where heated clothing comes in and why Mobile Warming and Fieldsheer showed off some of its products at AIMExpo.  They have a full range of heated gear including heated jackets, vests, and gloves.

Mobile Warming Fieldsheer

Two heating panels are incorporated into the front of the vest.

Heated gear has been around for quite a while.  It can give you the capability to ride in weather that wouldn’t be fun if it weren’t available.  Originally, heated garments connected to the motorcycle’s 12V battery.  As time and battery technology progressed, heated gear now often uses small portable battery packs to power the garment.

Mobile Warming Bluetooth connectivity and mobile app

Now, Bluetooth technology is being incorporated into the gear.  Mobile Warming’s Smart BT Thawdaddy vest uses Bluetooth to connect with the heated gear via a proprietary mobile app.  The app allows you to change heat settings and check the battery’s state of charge.  Now you don’t have to dig under layers of clothing to set or change the temperature setting.  Nor do you have to wonder how much battery you have left.

As for the vest itself, the Smart BT Thawdaddy is a thin, minimal lightweight vest that can be worn under or over your clothing.  If you don’t care for the bulk of a full vest under your gear, the Smart BT Thawdaddy has much less bulk.

Mobile Warming Fieldsheer

The rear heating panel is located in the vest’s upper back.

The vest has three heating panels, one in the back and two in the front with one of each side of your chest.  These panels are powered by a small 3.7V 2000 mAh battery pack.  It comes with the vest.

Heat settings and battery life

The vest uses 4 preset heating levels; 100%, 75%, 50%, and 25%.  Mobile Warming claims that the vest provides up to 8 hours of warming when set to the 25% power level.   See the below chart for claimed heating times for all levels.

Mobile Warming Fieldsheer

The vest’s claimed battery life changes depending on the power level you choose.

So what do you think of the Smart BT Thawdaddy’s Bluetooth connectivity and mobile app?  Let us know in the comments below.

All photos credit: Mobile Warming

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