This coming Monday (June 21, 2021) is Ride to Work Day. A big deal, right? It only comes once a year, after all.

But aside from being the only day all year where we pester you to get your lazy butts to the office aboard your motorcycle, instead of driving the car, it’s also an extra-special Ride to Work Day. According to the organization’s website, this is the 30th edition of Ride to Work Day. By any standard, that’s a pretty good run.

By now, a lot of you are probably shaking your heads and wondering why you wouldn’t ride to work every day you could—why would you need a special day for it? Good point. As an extremely dedicated moto-commuter myself during my newspaper wage slave days, every day was Ride to Work day from as early as I could get the bike out in the spring, to as late as I could push my luck in the fall. Not every rider feels this way, though, and that’s why Andy Goldfine (the big boss at Aerostich) started Ride to Work Day.

Actually, the story behind Goldfine’s idea is a bit more than just a simple “get people to ride motorcycles once a year.” As a company, Aerostich is all about promoting a motorcycle-centric life, and this day fits into that mindset. There’s an excellent write-up over at Revzilla’s Common Tread site, interviewing Goldfine about the origins of Ride to Work Day, and I’d recommend you scoot over there to read it.

As well, you should head over to There, you’ll find all sorts of useful information on commuting and other resources you can use to make Ride to Work a more significant event at your office. Have fun, and see you on the road Monday!

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