Worried about motorcycle theft? Monimoto continues to have motorcycle riders’ backs, with an updated version of its GPS tracking device.

While no device is 100 percent effective at preventing motorcycle theft, a good tracking device can help you find your motorcycle, once the crims have made off with it.

That’s the idea behind the Monimoto 7. The buyer gets two components: A key fob, and a GPS tracking module that the user will hide away on their motorcycle. If the motorcycle starts moving with the key fob in close proximity, all is well. If the motorcycle starts moving and the key fob is not in close proximity, the tracker automatically starts uploading GPS tracking information into an app, which the user can access via their mobile device. This allows them to keep track of their bike’s whereabouts.

We’ve actually reviewed on of Monimoto’s devices before—see Egle’s write-up here, from back in 2020.

Egle’s review was for the previous-generation device. The Monimoto 7 tracker has upgraded LTE Cat-M1 wireless connectivity, which is supposed to be more power-efficient than 3G or standard LTE connections. The Monimoto trackers were already supposed to have one-year battery life, and this upgrade is supposed to double or triple that performance.

The updated LTE Cat-M1 capability is also supposed to improve signal coverage. It’s supposed to have better penetration into underground parking areas, making it harder for thieves to obstruct the device’s signal.

Monimoto also says the the new tracker has a new eSIM chip that makes it easier to switch mobile data carriers when crossing borders, which would certainly be helpful to touring riders. The Monimoto 7 is also supposed to be easier to conceal, thanks to a new form factor.

Pricing for the Monimoto 7 is $199, with availability through Tucker Powersports—ask your dealer to order one in, if you’re interested.

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