A while ago we told you about the Monterey car week and motorcycle and auction.  While cars were the main theme of the show, motorcycles were also present and sent to the auction block.

Car sales fell way below expectations.  The estimated auction estimate target was missed by about 35 percent.  But motorcycles fared much better and we have some of the results for you.  Two motorcycles went for more than 3/4 of a million dollars and others were in the $100s of thousands of dollars.

Breakdown of winning bids

Here’s a breakdown of how some of the more expensive and exciting machines did:

The first motorcycle to break the $100,000 barrier was this 1915 Harley Davidson 11F.  It managed a sales price of $110,000.

Harley Davidson 11F

This Harley-Davidson 11F received a bid of $110,000.

Next up was this 2014 Lotus C-01.  Only 100 of these sub-400 pound bikes with 200 HP were ever made.  This one received a high bid of $121,000.

This Lotus C-01 did very well at auction. According to Mecum, this was the first sold at auction.

A 105-year-old Flying Merkel 1000cc V-twin took the next highest bid.  It came with a complete history including its original registration in Sweden.  The gavel fell with a bid of $176,000.

Flying Merkel 1000cc V-twin

This Flying Merkel fetched a hefty $176,000.

More than 1/4 million dollars

Getting to over $200,000 was this 1912 Indian Board Track Racer.  Restored by Jim Prosper, the machine earned an AMCA Junior 1st at the Yankee Chapter meet and AMCA Senior award for attention to detail.  When the gavel fell, this Indian fetched an amazing $253,000.

Indian Board Track Racer

This restored Indian Board Track Racer fetched $253,000.

Crossing the $300,000 threshold was this 1938 Brough Superior SS100.  The bike has a history and was piloted by George Brough in the 1939 London to Edinburgh endurance run.  This particular machine was sold for $313,000.

1938 Brough Superior SS100

This 1938 Brough Superior SS100 earned $313,000 on the auction block.

Crockers receive highest bids

The two most expensive motorcycles sold at the auction were two Crocker Small Tank motorcycles.  Receiving the penultimate highest bid at the auction this restored 1937 Crocker Small Tank.  It received a winning bid of $715,000 becoming the 5th most expensive motorcycle ever sold at auction.

1937 Crocker Small Tank

This 1937 Crocker Small Tank because the 5th most expensive motorcycle ever to be sold at auction.

And the winner of the highest auction price paid at Monterey was for this 1936 Crocker Small Tank.  The auction price for this machine represents its rarity as only 50 of these machines are currently known to exist.  This Crocker Small Tank received a high bid of $825,000 and is the 3rd most expensive motorcycle ever sold at auction.

This 1936 Crocker Small Tank became the third most expensive motorcycle sold at auction with a sales price of $825,000.


All photos credit: Mecum Auctions


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