The snow has flown in some parts of the country.  Soon, much of the US will be covered in the white stuff.  It’s time to put the bikes away.  Or is it?  Snow bikes have been around for a while, and many convert their off-road machines into snow traveling bikes so they can continue riding year-round.  But now, there’s a new option if you want to ride a bike throughout the winter, and it’s called a MoonBike.

The MoonBike


A French company has another solution for riding in the winter.  It is rolling out its electrically powered “MoonBike” as a fun, simple way to travel on snowy terrain.  As do most snow bikes, the MoonBike is equipped with a single ski at the front and a rear track drive.


Moon bikes on a trail.

The MoonBike weighs in at 155 pounds (75 kg) without its power source.  Adding the 27 pound (13  kg) battery pack increases the bike’s total weight to 182 pounds, ready to go.  All up, the MoonBike is capable of carrying a 264-pound payload.  The battery is also removable to make handling (loading/unloading) the bike easier.

Easy to ride, transport and store

It’s a compact machine that MoonBikes says is not only easy to ride but easy to transport, park, and store.  The MoonBike measures only 88 inches (225 cm) long, including the ski, and less than 30 inches (70 cm) wide, including its handlebars.  The bike’s maximum height is 40 inches  (100 cm), so MoonBikes says it can easily fit through a standard 35 inch (90 cm) door.


The MoonBike is supposed to be easy to ride and store.

The machine’s power comes from an electric motor that MoonBikes says produces 125 lb-ft (170Nm) of torque via direct drive.  That means no belts or chain is necessary.  Top speed is a claimed 26 mph (42 kph) while running at 3kW (about 4 hp).

Battery life

Since it’s an electric snow bike, MoonBikes says battery life is dependant on several variables such as terrain and conditions during the riding session.  According to their website, you can typically ride up to 22 miles (35 km) when in ECO mode.  In Sport mode, they say you can ride 12 to 15 miles (20 – 25 (km).  If you want more range, you can purchase a dual battery with a 5kW capacity.  Charging time for the standard battery is 5 hours 45 minutes, or 3 hours with an optional fast charger.

MoonBikes says very low temperatures will not affect the battery’s life as long as the MoonBike is switched on.  The battery box is heated and protects against cold temperatures down to -13 degrees F (-25 C).

Availability and Pricing

MoonBikes says their snowbikes will begin shipping in time for the 2021/2022 snow season.  You can reserve your MoonBike now online.  Pricing is $8,500 in the US and CAD 10,900 in Canada.  The prices shown do not include taxes or shipping.


All photo credit:  MoonBikes

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