MotoAmerica has announced it will not run its race series as support for the upcoming MotoGP visit to Circuit of the Americas, and Revival Cycles has announced the cancellation of the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show. However, these Austin, Texas, events are not running for different reasons.

On MotoAmerica’s part, the official line is that the arrangements for COTA just didn’t make sense, for several reasons. Roadracing World reports MotoAmerica officials sent an email to teams saying “the way that the paddock was going to be laid out, where we would have to pit, the expense of doing the event, there just wasn’t a lot of upside for us, especially when we’re going to go back again when they come back again next April.”

Normally, MotoAmerica would run at the same facility as MotoGP during its American visit. That plan went sideways this spring when MotoGP canceled the spring visit to Texas; after that, MotoAmerica came up with its own schedule, ending the season at Barber in Birmingham, Alabama on September 17-19. Theoretically, the series could have added another weekend’s racing at Circuit of the Americas when MotoGP visited in October, but given the variables mentioned above, it was more trouble than it was worth.

Besides, there’s always the possibility that MotoGP could back out of the COTA race, meaning MotoAmerica would do all that organizational work for naught.

Meanwhile the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show, which is an important point in the US’s custom bike scene, is canceled. Revival Cycles puts the show together; organizers said the 2021 show was canceled because of rising COVID-19 infection rates. The plan is to run the show next April, when MotoGP makes its return (supposedly).

So, all in all, lots of bad news for motorcyclists in Austin, Texas—but if MotoGP actually returns in April, 2022, then it’s going to be a very busy weekend.

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