The initial insider gossip to have been correct. If the latest documents uncovered by Cycle World’s Ben Purvis are reliable, then we’re about to see a new Honda NT1100 hit the market in a few months, maybe even weeks.

Rumours of a new NT-series Honda go back to 2019, with the strongest indication of the new bikes coming in February of 2021. In the winter, Purvis dug up paperwork indicating Honda had filed for a trademark on the NT1100 name.  Here’s what we said about the move, back then:

It probably doesn’t mean much to North American riders, who mostly think the Honda sport-touring line began and ended with the VFR800. Over in Europe, though, Honda had a long history with middleweight sport-tourers under the NT badge.

First there was the Honda NTV600. This was basically a Honda Hawk GT with a shaft drive instead of a chain, oversized fuel tank, and other touring-friendly accoutrements. These machines didn’t sell particularly well, as they had high-end features at a high-end price on a middleweight bike.

Next, Honda built the similar-but-cheaper NTV650V Deauville starting in 1998, which came with a full fairing and touring bags. Although this machine was very practical for budget-strapped touring enthusiasts, it ended up nicknamed the Dullsville. Eventually, this morphed into the NT700, which was imported to the US 2010-2013. This was not a smash sales success, and Honda canned it in favour of the NC700 series.

Now, seven months later, the latest paperwork filed with Euro regulators implies the new NT will be on the market very soon.

The new bike would use the same basic parallel twin engine as the Rebel 1100 and CRF1100L Africa Twin. The AT version of the engine makes a claimed 94 horsepower at the crank; Honda might re-tune the motor for sporty street riding. Or maybe not. Whatever the case, we are fast approaching Peak ’80s Engineering, when Honda used the same basic engine for almost everything (a four-stroke four-cylinder or parallel twin).

We can almost certainly expect Honda to put its DCT twist-and-go transmission on the new NT1100. There’s also a rumour of a new trellis frame—no doubt we’ll see the whole thing soon enough.

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