The motorcycle safety gurus at MotoCAP have just updated their website again, with new ratings for nine motorcycle jackets and two sets of riding pants.

The new jacket ratings include the Dainese Archivio Pelle, the Ducati Speed EVO C1, the Blackbird Pembrey, the Richa Airstrike 2, the Dririder Urban Hoody 2.0, the Motodry Rallye Adventure, the Merlin Anson Waxed Cotton, the Macna Shine Ladies, and the Brixton Classic. The new pants include the Dririder Vortex Adventure 2 Ladies and Dainese Assen Ladies.

MotoCAP’s testing progress examines the breathability of equipment, and its protection against abrasion and impact in a crash. It’s somewhat of a disappointment, but most of these jackets fared very poorly in the safety testing, many earning only a single star out of the five-star rating. The best-rated jackets only earned two-star ratings.

MotoCAP’s press release addresses this issue: “Many of the garments received lower protection ratings due to poor impact protection. Replacing the armour in these garments would improve the impact protection, and this information is included in the advice online. However, MotoCAP encourages manufacturers to provide high performing impact protectors in their garments to ensure maximum protection for riders.”

You can see all MotoCAP’s jacket ratings, including the latest additions, here; all its moto-pants ratings are here.

About MotoCAP

MotoCAP’s ratings hold no regulatory value; they’re for information purposes only. MotoCAP is a joint project between Australian government bodies and transportation-focused organizations, with testing carried out at Deakin University Institute for Frontier Materials. Find out more about the organization and its work at

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