ADVrider and Mosko Moto just did a ‘meet up’ in Denver a few days back, I attended to see what all the fuss is about and, its a good thing.

The location was Meta Syndicate, a great space with more like-minded folks. The meet up isn’t a new idea and lots of companies do it, but Mosko Moto does it a little more than most.

The premise is simple, have a small friendly meeting in a location that’s well known, easy to find and have an open invitation to all riders to come ‘meet up’. The added benefit is when companies like Mosko Moto, Double Take Mirrors, and West 38 Moto join forces a great time was had by all. For the first time, ADVrider partnered up with the event and help promote it to bring in a bigger crowd.

The companies got to interact on more of a personal level and also show their products

Mosko, of course, showing their luggage, but also their new line up of Basilisk riding gear directed at riders who want a more lightweight set up trending towards more enduro type of riding/ touring wear a compression shirt instead of a padded jacket

Ned and the Double Take crew had their selection of mirrors on display and there new ‘Trail Mirror’ which is ideal for off-road to keep an eye on riders behind you without a mirror sticking out from your bars

Dusty was explaining details of the various training his company does and the tours they take riders on with their newfound skills


Pete and Ash from MM added to the event by doing a talk in the evening about their travels to some of the more obscure countries they’ve been to and buying or renting local bikes.



So why is a good thing?

I spoke with quite a few inmates/attendees about why they came and these were some of the responses

  • it’s a smaller event so I feel I can speak to all the vendors in more depth about their products, why they are made the way they are made and not feel rushed like at bigger shows when the vendors want to talk to as many people as possible…which of course is understandable
  • Living and working in an area where getting to see these people and products is almost impossible with my work schedule, this was easy, and free…
  • I wanted to try the product with my bike, not a random bike in a booth, to be sure of fitment before spending hard-earned cash
  • I followed Neduros Dakar years ago and wanted to shake his hand, the guy is a legend. (****look for an upcoming interview with Ned)
  • the idea of buying local bikes in remote areas really appealed to me, Pete and Ash took time to speak with me about it, even though it was nothing to do with buying product from them
  • Dusty from W38 is such a character and I had interest in doing some of his training because I hear he is one of the best, and maybe a Mexico trip with him, nice to meet him face to face to see if he’s the type of guy who I’d get along with
  • ALL of the companies started their businesses because of this site, ADVrider, it is just nice to shake their hand and say ‘thank you’ in person

and the responses went on and on…but you get the picture


Besides the benefit to the companies represented, why is this type of small gathering a good thing for this forum and the attendees?

Again comments from the people who attended, I was just there to solely listen and take notes –

  • meeting other local riders and the opportunity to gain new like-minded friends
  • it feels like the old ADVrider gatherings, it’s real, not just names on a screen
  • there is no negativity or brashness here, people can’t be ‘asshats’ like they are on the forum sometimes, this is real, and social and you have to look people in the eye
  • it brings our community closer

One guy told me, “I was in town for business so I stopped by to check it out. I have a crazy busy schedule and travel nationally and internationally, I would love to see this happen in lots of other areas of the country, and the world! I don’t have time for big shows but this I really like.”


Now, open questions to YOU because we’d like feedback, please reply in the comments section below, or message Admin “Rudy” directly

  • Would you like to see events like this in your area?
  • Which vendors would you like to be hosts?
  • Are you a vendor and want to hold one of these types of events?
  • How far would you travel for one of these events?
  • Do you think individual states or regional would be best?
  • Would you prefer these events to be a few hours or a few days and include ride outs and maybe camping?
  • Would a talk and slideshow be an addition you’d enjoy, from a fellow inmate?


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